The City of Arts and Flowers


Lompoc is a beautiful city located in Santa Barbara County, just 2.5 hours north of LA and a few minutes south of Vandenberg Space Force base. Lompoc's motto is, "City of Arts and Flowers". Spend a day here and you'll quickly see why!

Flower Fields

If you visit Lompoc anytime from spring through fall you may be lucky enough to see the spectacular sights of the flower fields. Lompoc Valley is home to commercial flower growers with fields of stunning blooms that stretch for acres. The flower fields rotate every year, so when I first moved to Lompoc I found it difficult to find them. I would head out look for the delphinium and instead find lavender at a different location. So my advice is to have a list of many different locations and enjoy the beautiful drive looking for them. Some can be spotted west of Old Town Lompoc, along Central Avenue, from Floradale Ave. to Union Sugar Ave.

Please remember that these flowers are peoples livelihoods. Do not pick them. Be respectful and do not walk through them, allow children or pets to play in them.

Woman in an orange dress, crouched in a flower field, smelling flowers, rows of white, pink and purple flowers
Woman in an orange dress, stood in a flower field, rows of white, pink and purple flowers, mountain in the background
Woman in an orange dress, stood in a flower field, rows of white, pink and purple flowers, mountain in the background
Flower fields, rows of white, purple & pink flowers, mountains behind, blue sky with white clouds, birds flying in sky


As well as flowers, Lompoc is famous for it's beautiful murals. Visitors from all over come to see the murals which depict Lompoc’s heritage, flower industry, historic sights and more. If you visit Lompoc's historic old town, you will find 40 murals spread over street corners, alleyways and on the sides of buildings. When we first moved here we drove through the old town, it became a game to spot a new mural. My son was very excited to see the murals dedicated to space and dinosaurs. So one day he dressed up in some of his favorite costumes and we played around with the many murals!

Image of a young boy dressed in a space suit, arm in the air.  Brightly painted mural behind him of a rocket launching
Young boy dressed in a dinosaur costume, dinosaur mural of a T-Rex on the wall behind, he is looking up and roaring at