at home newborn photoshoot

aurora newborn PHOTOGRAPHer

I adore newborn photoshoots! Who doesn't LOVE spending time with a beautiful tiny baby! It is always an honor to be invited into a family's home during such a special and exciting time in their lives!

Woman on left of the image, she is holding a baby, looking down smiling, baby is looking up, man on right looking down
Man and woman stood by windows in dining room, mom is holding baby, Dad hugging mom from behind, both looking at baby
Close up image of baby's face, she is over Dad's shoulder, looking directly at camera, white bow, big brown eyes
Close up shot from moms waist to top of head, newborn girl sleeping on moms chest, mom snuggling her eyes closed
Mom and dad stood next to babys crib, mom holding baby, Dad hugging from behind, "Shiloh" written in frame on wall
black and white image, back of mans head, newborn baby girl with white bow looking over his shoulder