I love all types of family photography, but there is something extra special about maternity photography.

I understand the hesitancy of having a maternity photoshoot. I didn't have a maternity photoshoot when I was pregnant with my first baby. (I wasn't a family photographer at that point in my life). I regret that now.

Here's what I would go back and tell myself if I could.


Your body is doing something incredible right now. You are growing a human. It is no easy feat.

Morning sickness and aches and pains can sometimes cause us to overlook the incredible work our bodies are doing. YOU are doing! Every woman's journey through pregnancy and childbirth is unique and special.

Capturing these amazing moments will be incredibly meaningful once the morning sickness subsides.

Pregnant woman in long pink dress, stood on the beach, sunset behind her, side profile, holding her bump, smiling


There might be aspects of your pregnancy that aren't enjoyable, like swollen ankles. But soon your little one will be exploring the floor, and your ankles will return to normal. Then, you might find yourself looking at old photos, missing your baby bump, recalling those little kicks and hiccups like they were yesterday.

So, it's especially important to capture those moments, because you won't be pregnant forever. Before you realize it, days will become weeks, weeks will become months, and you'll fondly reminisce over your bump photos. You will never regret taking too many pregnant photos, but you may regret not taking enough.

black and white image of a pregnant woman in long white dress, stood near water, image taken from above


Like many women, I faced swelling, aches, and medical issues during pregnancy, leaving me worn out. Yet, when I look at the cell phone snapshots, I only smile. For many, the loss of control over their bodies can be challenging—stretched skin, swelling, pregnancy acne, and more. However, with the right photographer, you'll see yourself as you truly are: BEAUTIFUL.

Pregnancy is a magical time, and a maternity photoshoot is the perfect excuse to pamper yourself. Choose a new outfit that accentuates your bump and indulge in a pamper day before the shoot. Amazon has many affordable choices, or you can try local consignment stores or resale apps like Kidizen or Poshmark

Pregnant woman in long pink dress, stood in front of rocks, sand, male partner holding her bump,she is looking up at him


I really do believe that we can never have too many family photos. Weather this is your first baby, a sibling to a fur baby or the youngest of 10, your family's dynamic will change. A maternity photoshoot is a wonderful chance to capture your family in their current dynamic.

Pregnant woman stood next to her male partner in the woods, they are smiling at camera, dog with them.


Pregnancy is such a magical time. I promise that you will never regret having beautiful images documenting this exciting time in your life.

As mothers we don't typically take photos of ourselves. It's worth capturing this beautiful but fleeting moment in your life.

When your sweet baby arrives, you will thank yourself for documenting this magical time.