garden of the gods

MATERNITY photoshoot


If you are already following me, you may know that I moved from California to Colorado earlier this year. I absolutely loved living in California. I was born to live by the ocean! I did not expect to love Colorado as much as I do. But I've quickly fall head over heels for Colorado! How can you not love looking at the mountains every single day!

The Garden of the Gods is the perfect location for a photoshoot! The beautiful red rock formations contrasting with the green landscape make for stunning photos!

If you are pregnant or have little ones, you need not worry. There are plenty of easy walking trails to get to beautiful spots and even some spots with parking lots right next to where we can shoot.

Pregnant woman in long pink dress on pink mountain, with green landscape behind, sunsetting
Pregnant woman in long pink dress, man stood behing her closely, his hands on her hips, her hands on her bump