As a Mom, I urge you to take as many photos as you possibly can of those important milestones! Time goes by, SO FAST! Whether it's a first birthday cake smash, back to school photos or holiday photos, take them all. Or better still, let me take them for you!

Family of three sat outside on grass, pumpkins, hay bale and mum flowers surround them, orange trees behind,mom,dad,son
baby boy lay on his belly on a red blanket, outside, side shot, he is smiling, sign saying "half way to one"
close up image of a baby eating a piece of cake, floral crown, pink dress
Young boy outside in the woods, a white cake on the ground, he has some in his hand, he is smiling, teddy bear next to
Young boy sat outside on old wooden school chair desk, chalk board sign on floor right side, he is smiling at camera
Family cuddled on white bed, Christmas wreath handing over head board, young boy wearing santa hat, all reading a book
3 year old boy stood on grass, holding a board with school details, he has excited look on his face
Image looking down on a baby boy lay on a red blanket, he is smiling, cake in bottom left corner
Young boy sat on bench outside, green grass, 4th july decorations, he is smiling
Young boy lay on white bed reading a book and wearing a santa hat, his feet are the focus, christmas decor around him
Baby on a red blanket, in a field, wearing a pink dress and floral crown, laughing, reaching for toy