Beautiful chaos. I read those words today and I thought, "what a wonderful way to describe motherhood". I currently have a 3-month-old and a 6-year-old. I am also a small business owner. In between feeds, laundry and school runs, I have emails, invoices and photoshoots, amongst many other tasks. Finding time for self-care and sleep at times, feels impossible. Like every parent, I struggle to balance it all. I watch Instagram reels and Tik Tok for tips on how to become more efficient with my precious time. Then I feel guilty for wasting precious time mindlessly scrolling through social media. But I do pick up the occasional tip, some I have come to really rely on. So I thought I'd share some of my life saving Mom hacks with you!


I absolutely hate going into grocery stores, unless it's Target and I am having a rare shopping trip alone! Otherwise, trying to keep two children from melting down, whilst maneuvering a cart down crowded isles is the opposite of fun for me! So I use the Walmart app to have my groceries delivered. It has been a life saver many times, when I have realized late at night that I needed something for the morning, I'll pop onto the Walmart app and there is almost always still slots available for delivery the next morning. When I got home from the hospital after having my youngest son I unfortunately had a rough time breastfeeding. That night I went onto the Walmart app and ordered nipple shields to arrive the next morning!! It was a life saver!!


I noticed whenever we stayed at a hotel my 6-year-old would be so excited to use the self-service cereal dispensers. So, I ordered one on Amazon for our home! With a small baby to feed, my 6-year-old being able to confidently prepare his own breakfast was a huge help, and it was reasonably priced!