garden of the gods

family photoshoot


This has got to be one of my favorite ever photoshoots! A beautiful family, at a beautiful location, with beautiful light!

Pikes Peak is located within the The Garden of the Gods. It is the perfect location for a photoshoot! The beautiful red rock formations contrasting with the green landscape make for stunning photos!

Family of four, mom, dad, baby boy, 4 year old girl, sat on red rock formation,mountain behind,looking at camera smiling
Little girl in red dress sat on red rock, looking at camera and smiling
baby boy sat on his mothers knee, he is wearing a tan colored vest with white shoes, mothers smile in background
family of four at garden of the gods, dad is throwing little girl in the air, mom is holding baby boy and looking at him
Mom with long dark hair, holding one year old boy, she is looking at him smiling
family of four at garden of the gods, mom on left holding baby boy in tan vest, dad on right holding young girl in dress
man in black top, looking up at camera smiling, little girl in red dress sat on his knee kissing his cheek
woman with dark hair and striped dress sat outside, baby boy on her knee, little girl hugging her neck from behind
family of four at garden of the gods, walking towards the camera, man on far right, little girl walking,mom holding baby
young girl in red dress and light hair, lay with head on moms lap, smiling, baby legs seen and moms hand on her back
man in black top stood, looking at camera smiling, he is holding baby boy in tan vest
baby boy in tan colored top, looking up, big smile, close up of his face, light hair
woman with dark hair sat outside, baby boy on her lap, she is looking down at him, little girl next to her smiling
man in black top and jeans, back to camera, throwing young girl in the air at garden of the gods, she is smiling
close up of baby boy, his arms on his head, looking away from camera, smiling, blue eyes, outside, mountains in back
family of four, mom holding baby boy on the left, dad on the right with little girl on his shoulders, outside, mountains
man in black top, back to camera, holding baby boy looking out to mountains, stood on red rocks
little girl, head on moms shoulder, close up of her face, she is smiling, blonde hair, red dress
little girl,blonde hair,pig tails,camera looking down at her,eyes closed,big smile,hands at her mouth, adult holding her
family of four stood, mom on left holding baby boy in tan vest, dad on right holding young girl, colorado mountains
close up of young girls face, blonde hair, pig tails, dark eyes, smiling at camera, outside, brown ground