“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” - Paul Caponigro

Woman with dark hair and red lipstick stood in snow, laughing, eyes closed, with furry blanket over shoulders
Close up image of a woman in a blush pink dress, she has her arm behind her head, looking directly at camera
Woman in long orange dress, stood in flower fields, holding a straw hat by her side, looking at camera, not smiling
Woman with long dark hair, strapless pink top, looking up into branches of magnolia tree, holding a branch
Woman with long dark hair stood in snow in black dress, blue sky and horizon in the background
Image of a man in a black long sleeve shirt and jeans, shoeless, stood on a beach, sunset and mountains seen in the back
Woman in long black dress and brown hat walking down a sand dune in Vandenberg, California towards the camera.
Man sat on a rock on a beach near Lompoc, California, he is looking at the camera
Woman in a long floral dress, back to the camera, but she is looking over her shoulder, many large cacti around her
Woman with dark curly hair, back to camera, looking over left shoulder, stood in snow wearing black vest type top
Woman with long dark hair over her shoulders, strapless pink top, looking to side smiling, white magnolia behind her
Woman in long orange dress, wearing a straw hat, black plait on left side, stood in flower fields, smiling, mountain
Woman sat down looking at camera, long dark hair, red lips, fur blanket over shoulders, snow seen behind
Woman with short black curled hair, wearing black strap dress, snow and sunset behind her, she is looking down, looks sa
Man stood on a rock area, on the beach near Lompoc, California, ocean behind him