questions to ask your newborn photographer


Black and white close up of side profile of newborns head, lay on his left side with hand in his mouth

When you are looking for a newborn photographer, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What style of photography do you like? Are you a fan of lifestyle photography or posed portraits?
  • Have you reviewed your potential photographer's portfolio? 
  • Do you want the session to take place in your home, or at an outside location?
  • Do you want a newborn only session, or do you want to include the rest of your family and/or pets?
close up black and white image of a newborn hand wrapped around an adult's pointer finger

What baby safety measures do you take?

I take the health of your family very seriously. If I am feeling sick I will let you know straight away. I wear an N95 mask to every indoor newborn session. I will wash my hands as soon as I enter your home. I will not touch your baby. I will direct you on how to pose and request that you wrap your baby when needed.

Birds eye view of newborn with bright blue eyes, lay in a basket on a magenta blanket, he is wrapped in emerald green

How long does the session take?

Anywhere between 1-2 hours. I know how exhausting those first few weeks are. So I will stay for as long as you are comfortable for us to get the shots. I almost always finish within an hour. But I am able to stay longer if baby has been fussy etc.

Black & yellow labrador lay on a bed, in the background you can see a woman sat behind them holding a newborn in her arm

Do you provide props, lighting, and wardrobe?

No, lifestyle photographers use the natural light in your home. You will be posed near windows for soft, flattering light. Your baby will also be dressed in the clothes that you already have at home, such as a neutral onesie. You may swaddle your baby or wrap them in a special blanket. Whereas, at a posed newborn session, babies are often dressed in outfits provided by the photographer. They may be swaddled/wrapped and placed into posed positions.

close up of newborn laying down, blue eyes looking at camera, lilac headband, white shirt, lay on white fur blanket
Close up image of a newborn feet, soles can be seen, they are wrapped in a floral blanket with blue, purple, red, white


Yes! I am fully licensed and insured. A professional photographer should have contracts and insurance in place.

Image of newborn babies head, held in her mothers arms, we can see babies head and mom and dads fingers,


Yes, if you'd like to know more about preparing for an at home lifestyle shoot, check out my blog, "Tips for your indoor newborn photoshoot".

Newborn baby, swaddled in a pastel green blanket, on a fur blanket, she is yawning, she is wearing a white now headband
Close up black and white image of the top of a babies head being held in mothers hands