Pregnant woman in long peach dress, stood on beach, she is holding her bump, smiling at camera, side shot, sunset behind


The most important thing to remember when choosing something to wear, is that you must feel comfortable. If you wear something that is too tight, too loose, or not your usual style, you won't enjoy the shoot. Not only will that show in the images, but it's important that you have fun too. This is a time of celebration, a maternity photoshoot is a great way to celebrate and have fun.

Choose a Flattering Silhouette for Your Maternity Photos

Long dresses give a beautiful silhouette. Typically floor length dresses are the most flattering. Maxi dresses photograph beautifully, and they are very comfortable. A long dress will give you lots of options to show off your bump and help create gorgeous movement in the photos.


Prints and patterns can be overwhelming in photos. Solid colors ensure that you and your bump take center stage.

Pregnant woman sat on a bench outside, she is wearing long pink dress, holding & looking down at her bump, green hedge
Pregnant woman in long peach dress, side profile, leg showing, holding bump, rock formation behind her, she is smiling
Close up of a pregnant woman in dark green dress, can only see her bump and her arms, hands placed under the bump


Choosing an outfit with texture is a great way to add dimension to your maternity shoot. Lace is a beautiful option, it is stunning and very feminine.


If you choose to include your partner or children in your maternity pictures, always pick your outfit first and theirs second to compliment your look. Neutral solid colors are the best choice. Try to stick to a color palette, don't mix patterns and don't match too much, keep it subtle. Check out my other blog here to get some tips on coordinating family outfits.

Pregnant woman in long pink dress, holding a 1 year old in white puffy dress and flower headband, both smiling at camera
pregnant woman in long blush pink dress, man next to her, her hand on top of bump, his underneath, looking at each other

Choose your outfits based on the season and location

Softer hues look great in spring/summer. Colors like white/ivory, blush pink, and baby blues complement the warmer weather. For cooler months, you can opt for more fall/winter colors such as deep reds, mustard yellow, navy and emerald green.

Neutrals like soft pinks, cream, muted blues and white all photograph very well at the beach, blending effortlessly with the natural elements rather than competing with them. 

For forests or places with grass, you should choose colors that will match the surroundings like the color of the trees or the color of the leaves on the trees. Colors like green, black, brown, tan or white are great for photos in forest type surroundings.

Avoid neon colors. They can change skin tones and don’t look flattering in images.