We've been in Colorado for a few weeks now. We've spent every weekend looking at houses and enjoying indoor activities. This weekend I posted on a Facebook group asking for trail recommendations. I had so many responses! I was so surprised to see how many trails and hikes there are in Colorado. I was even happier to discover that there was countless trails that were suitable for children too.

I was advised to download the All Trails app. It allows you to filter by dog or kid friendly trails. You can even filter for trails great views, waterfalls, difficulty level, elevation and more! I am going to try and do at least one trail per week. I will log each trail on the app and share my experience here!

This week we started with the Cherry Creek Trail in Parker, Colorado.

*all images are cell phone shots

River in middle of image, yellow grass and tall brown bushes either side of river, blue sky, bright day, rocks at front

Cherry Creek Trail was the perfect start to our catalogue. The trail is 40 miles of even pavement, which means it's great for jogging, biking, or in our case a 5 year olds scooter! We saw many cyclists and dog walkers on the trail which winds all the way from Denver’s Confluence Park to Franktown.

There are various access points to the trail, so when you look online you may get different answers as to how long it is, because there are various access points with smaller loops. We started the trail at the McCabe trail head, just off S Parker Road. We leasiurely walked (or scooted in my sons case) 2 miles, stopping at various points to enjoy the streams of water.

map, with thick yellow lines, black dotted line, blue dotted lines, red line in the middle depicting a trail

*image of our first trail logged

Trailheads with parking, restrooms and picnic areas are located along the Cherry Creek Trail at McCabe Meadows Park, Bar CCC Park and Cottonwood Trailhead Park. You don't need to be a professional hiker to enjoy the trail. It's a very easy walk that’s accessible to anyone looking for a relaxing stroll, a fast jog or a bike ride. It's also perfect for little ones that want to take their scooters or bike. If you want more of a challenge, there are various unpaved trails throughout.

wooden bridge leading to concrete path with metal rails on either side, dry trees on either side, blue skies, bright day

Cherry Creek Trail is also a great spot for photoshoots! With parking nearby you don't need to walk very far to get to a perfect spot for your next photoshoot! If you wanted to venture off into the woods you can find some really pretty streams with leafy back drops. I'm really excited to get shooting here!! If you'd like to have your next photoshoot at Cherry Creek Trail please go to my contact page and send me a message for more information.