“As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen" - Winnie the Pooh

Close up image black and white image of top of newborns head, held in womans arms,focus is baby head,can't see moms face
Man and woman sat on a bed, woman is holding a baby, they are smiling at camera
aerial view shot of a newborn baby girl wrapped in a blanket with peaches, lay on blanket with wild flowers
Man and woman stood, woman holding baby, head on her shoulders, Man is behind woman, kissing baby's head, close together
newborn baby swaddled in green blanket, white headband, she is yawning, eyes closed
Close up of newborn baby girl's face, she is sleeping, appears to be on a woman's right shoulder, white bow on her head
newborn baby girl laying on a white bed in white long sleeve top and pants, lilac headband, she is looking at camera
Woman embracing newborn baby on her right shoulder, her eyes are closed, baby is sleeping and swaddled, white bow
black and white image of a newborn being held by her mother, her head is on moms shoulder, side profile, white headband
black and white image of a mans hands cradling legs and feet of newborn baby
close up image of newborn baby girl sleeping on mother's chest, mothers hand can be seen on baby's back
Newborn baby in a basket outside on the grass, little girl kissing baby on the head, sun beams in the background
Close up of woman embracing newborn baby on her right shoulder, back of woman can be seen and right of her face
image of a sleeping newborns face through the crib panels
black and white image of a woman stood in front of a tree, newborn baby on her chest, woman kissing baby's head
woman stood next to a window holding a newborn baby wrapped in blanket, deep shadows behind her, window is bright warm