close up of young girls face, on moms shoulder on her moms shoulder, can see part of moms face smiling




Time goes by so fast. So have fun and take the photo! Whether it's a maternity session, fall family photos or a newborn session, I would be honored to capture those beautiful family moments for you.

Woman on a beach near Lompoc, California, holding a young boy, his face in her shoulders, she is looking at the camera
close up image of a baby eating a piece of cake, floral crown, pink dress
family of four sat outside, mom on left, baby boy on her knee, dad on right, little girl sat in front of him
Close up of little girls head and shoulders, she is wearing pink rainbow dress, bow in her hair, she is smiling
A young boy wearing a black wetsuit and holding a small surf board walking towards ocean, sky is pink
A young girl in pink sweater sat in front of fountain laughing, outside, 3 balloon to her left
family of four, mom on left, holding baby boy, dad on right, little girl on his shoulders, green mountains behind
Family walking on a beach near lompoc, california, mom on the left, young boy in the middle, dad on the right
baby sat on a red blanket, on the grass, she is wearing a floral crown and a pink dress, looking up past camera
Young boy on fathers back, father looking into distance, young boy looking at camera, left arm up on fathers shoulder
Family of 3, dad on left, mom in middle holding baby boy on the right, she is kissing his forehead, sun rays above her
Close up side profile image of a woman holding and looking down at a 3 year old girl who is looking at camera smiling
A woman in green dress, sat down outside, a baby on her lap, woman is looking down smiling at baby from behind
man in black top, blue jeans, back to camera, throwing 4 year old girl into air, pig tails wide, big smile, mountains
A woman in long dress, on beach, sunsetting golden light, walking holding hands with man, she is looking back at camera
family sat outside,mom left,baby boy on her knee,dad on right, little girl sat in front of him, girl kissing baby boy
mother and son sat on grass, son in front of mom, mom looking down at him smiling, fall colors, trees, grass, leaves
Elderly woman stood outside, holding a baby boy, trees in background, she is looking at him, he is looking into distance
Woman chasing a young boy on a beach near lompoc, California, he is running away smiling, she is bent over to catch him
Little boy stood in front of a large box of apples outside,half eaten apple in one hand, holding a fresh apple in other
Little girl outside, black skirt, pink sweater, she is walking away from camera holding a "3" balloon
on the left of the image is a man and woman, the woman is holding a baby that is looking at the camera
little girl in pink dress, outside, her hands clasped under her chin, she is looking up smiling, sunny day
Young boy wearing a black wetsuit, running towards the ocean, pink sky, he is dragging a small surf board
Family of four walking on the beach, Dad on left, little boy, little girl, then mom on the right, blue sky, mountains
close up of baby boy, light hair, looking up but past camera, smiling, brown ground, tan vest
man in black shirt, blue jeans, looking away from camera towards green mountains, holding baby boy on his left
man and woman stood in front of pink wall, side stance, they are looking at each other smiling,womans hand on mans chest
family of four stood outside,mom on left, she is carrying baby boy, dad on right, he is carrying young girl
A young boy wearing a black wetsuit and holding a small surf board walking towards ocean, sky is pink
Close up of young girl wearing pink hat, snow on it, she is smiling, looking at camera, snow and bokeh light behind her
Side profile of a man and woman, womans hands on the mans face, his on her waist, their heads are together,sunset behind
family of 3 outside, mom on left, baby in middle, dad on the right, all looking at camera smiling
Little girl, leaning over water feature outdoors, she is smiling, green shubbery behind her, fountain in the middle
A young girl in pink sweater outside, looking at camera, she is holding a cream colored pumpkin, her hair tied up
one year old girl in puffy white dress, she is looking at camera, Mom is behind in pink dress, holding her hands
Woman in long orange dress, stood outside on stairs, with small young boy to her left, man behind her, all smiling
Woman in orange dress stood next to a creek, young boy running towards her, her arms are outstretched to catch him
Woman with dark hair looking at the camera, man behind her, she is holding his hand, they are looking at the camera
Man and woman sat on bench outside, they are looking at each other smiling, holding hands
mother and son on the beach, mom is crouching down looking at camera, hand on childs back, stones set in shape of heart
Close up of little girls head resting on Mons shoulder, both looking at camera, Mom is smiling, sunny, ocean behind them