Life has a remarkable way of throwing unexpected challenges our way. For me, it was the convergence of my legal career and the realities of being a military spouse.

Prior to becoming a photographer, I worked as a lawyer in the UK. For years, I dedicated myself to my legal career. The countless hours spent pouring over textbooks, the rigorous training and long hours were a necessary requirement to succeed as a solicitor (name for an attorney in the UK). 

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In the early days of my career, I worked for a law firm that specializes in family law. I loved the role but after a few short years I felt burnt out. When I moved to Cambridge to live with my now husband, I secured a position working for a local authority and I loved it! Just as I was beginning to establish myself in a new department, my husband, a military officer, received an assignment that required us to move to the United States. 

The move coincided with the arrival of our first baby.  It was during this juncture that I had to confront an agonizing decision: whether to continue my legal journey or embark on a new path that allowed me to be more present for my child.

The demands of a legal career are well-known, often necessitating long hours and a significant commitment of time and energy. Considering the military lifestyle, where frequent relocations were inevitable, the thought of repeatedly rebuilding my legal career in new locations while juggling the responsibilities of motherhood seemed daunting and unsustainable. 

Faced with the prospect of being away from my child for long hours in a new country, I made the difficult decision to step away from the legal profession, I thought, temporarily. My primary focus became creating a stable and nurturing environment for my growing family. While this meant putting my dreams of working in the legal field on hold, it opened the door to exploring other avenues that aligned better with my new circumstances and allowed me to be present for my family.

Mom holding a baby on her hip next to a body of water, he is wearing a straw hat, they are both smiling

In 2020, when the world locked down, I found solace and joy in capturing precious moments with my camera. Photography had always been an interest of mine, but I had never considered it as a viable career option until then. The more I immersed myself in this newfound creative outlet, the more I realized that it offered the perfect balance between my passion for art and my desire to be present for my family.

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Starting my own photography business is not without its challenges. Learning the technical aspects of photography, honing my skills, and building a client base required dedication, perseverance, and continuous growth. However, the beauty of this new endeavor was that I had the flexibility to work on my terms, adapting my schedule to accommodate my family's needs.

While there are moments when I miss the legal profession, photography has brought a new kind of joy into my life. It allows me to explore my creativity, connect with others through my art, and capture meaningful moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. The smiles on my clients' faces and the ability to be present for my children outweigh the longing for the courtroom.

Whether you're a fellow photography enthusiast, a stay-at-home parent seeking inspiration, or simply curious about the transformative power of following your dreams, this blog is for you. I invite you to witness the beauty of life through my lens.

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