The Magic of Mommy and Me Photoshoots


Hi! My name is Leanne. I am a family photographer based in Aurora, Colorado. The image below is very special to me. It's me with my eldest son. As a mother myself, I love capturing beautiful moments between Mom's and their little ones.

7 years ago, I had newborn photos taken of my son. During the photoshoot the photographer asked me if I would like a family photo. It was less than 2 weeks since I had given birth, I hadn't done my hair and makeup. I was very self-conscious, so I said no.

Looking back at those early days through my cell phone pictures, I realize I actually looked great! But hormones and the changes our bodies go through can play tricks on our perception. Regardless of how I looked, I regret not documenting those precious moments with my son.

I think all mothers can relate to always being the ones to capture the everyday moments you want to remember. But rarely being the ones in the shot.

mommy and me photoshoot aurora colorado.  woman holding son on the beach

When I started my journey as a professional photographer, I shot a Mommy and Me session. It focused entirely on Mommy and her beautiful baby daughter.

There was no "look at the camera and smile" moments. Instead, Mommy hugged, snuggled and kissed her beautiful girl. She held her up in the air and made her giggle. I stood back and captured the bond between them.

Reflecting on that session, I wish I could go back in time and capture more of those moments with my son. So now, I make a conscious effort to capture more shots of me with my little boys. I know I'll thank myself for it in the years to come.

Through my work, I've witnessed the pure magic that unfolds during Mommy and Me sessions. They go beyond creating beautiful images—they hold profound significance for mothers and their children.

Here are some reasons why every mom should consider a Mommy and Me photoshoot:


A Mommy and Me photoshoot is a wonderful celebration of the special bond between a mother and her child. It captures genuine moments of connection, love, and shared laughter.


Moms often find themselves behind the camera, capturing the essence of family life. A Mommy and Me photoshoot is a chance for moms to step into the frame. It's a chance to celebrate their beauty, strength, and the incredible journey of motherhood. It's a moment to appreciate and love oneself in the midst of the everyday chaos.

mommy and me photoshoot aurora.  Mom kissing baby daughters cheek, baby girl smiling


Time moves swiftly, especially when you're raising a family. One moment you are bringing your child home from the hospital, the next you are waving them off for college. A Mommy and Me session provides an opportunity to capture the beauty of different stages in your child's life. From those first wobbly steps, to sending them off to college, the journey of raising a family is a whirlwind of moments that pass by in the blink of an eye. these photographs become visual markers of precious milestones.

mommy and me photoshoot aurora colorado.  black and white image of baby sleeping on moms shoulder


The photoshoot itself becomes a memorable bonding experience. Engaging in playful activities, sharing laughs, and creating lasting memories during the session. Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's an opportunity to focus solely on your relationship with your child.

mommy and me photoshoot garden of the gods - AURORA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER


The images captured during a mommy and me session become a legacy of love. As you and your child grow, you will treasure these photographs. Professionally captured moments are more than just photographs; they are timeless heirlooms that can be passed down through generations. Imagine your grandchildren flipping through an album filled with the laughter, tenderness, and love shared between you and your little ones.

mommy and me photoshoot aurora colorado.  Mom holding her newborn daughter


Establishing traditions is an essential part of family life. A yearly mommy and me photoshoot can become a cherished tradition. It's a heartwarming way to document the evolving relationship between you and your child. If you're looking for gift ideas, why not make a Mommy and Me Photoshoot a yearly special occasion.


In conclusion, a mommy and me photoshoot is more than just a photography session. It's a celebration of love, motherhood, and the unique connection you share with your child. Every mother deserves to embrace the joy, love, and connection that these sessions uniquely capture. It's a testament to the extraordinary journey of motherhood.

Book your Mommy and Me session today, and let's embark on a visual storytelling adventure together. You will treasure the memories you create for a lifetime.

mommy and me photoshoot aurora colorado.  Mom holding her little girl and kissing her head
Woman holding and looking down smiling at a baby girl wearing a floral crown, golden light, baby looking at camera.