Woman holding a newborn baby, stood next to a window.  Dark shows behind her, bright sun outside lighting up her face

When I had newborn photos taken of my son, our photographer asked me if I would like to be in the shots. It was less than 2 weeks since I had given birth, I was very self conscious, so I said no. Now when I look back at my cell phone pictures from that time I think I look great! But hormones and a changing body can warp our perception.

I think all mothers can relate to always being the ones to take the pictures, and not being in the pictures. A few years ago I did a session which was all about Mommy and her beautiful baby daughter. There was no "look at the camera and smile" moments. Mommy hugged, snuggled and kissed her beautiful girl. She held her up in the air and made her giggle. Mommy fed her sweet girl and looked adoringly at her. I stood back and captured the bond between them. I wish I could go back in time and capture more of these moments with my son.

Mommy & Baby Session

I enjoyed the session so much that I decided to create a special package just for Moms and their new babies. I want to help Moms to document those beautiful candid moments.

So give yourself a gift. Document the wonderful bond between you and your new baby. Don't wait to lose 5 more pounds (like I used to tell myself), or until you have time for a haircut, or any other excuse. I promise, in 5 or 10 years you WILL NOT CARE. You will however, regret NOT doing it. Time goes SO FAST. Before you know it your tiny baby no longer fits snuggly on your chest like a jig saw piece. Document as much as you can! Better still allow me to document those wonderful moments for you!

Black and white image of back of womans right shoulder, baby girl asleep on moms chest,head on shoulder,Moms eyes closed
Woman holding and looking down smiling at a baby girl wearing a floral crown, golden light, baby looking at camera