Young boy in a yellow shirt looking into a doorway, concrete building, with wooden roof and concrete pillars


My 4 year old loves surfing, playing outside, riding his bike and swimming. BUT if I say we are going on a walk, suddenly his little legs hurt and he has to remind me approximately every 3 seconds. This particular day I wanted to check out La Purisma Mission. La Purisma is a Spanish mission located in Lompoc, California. It was established on December 8, 1787 by the Franciscan order. I wanted to visit because it looks so beautiful, I knew there would be great spots for photography. When he realized we were here to walk, he told me his legs hurt immediately. Then he saw some sheep and he forgot about his sore legs....then the horses....the fountains, the many bugs and bees around the beautiful lavender plants. I stayed quiet. We were transported back in time exploring room after room in the historic buildings. Amazingly his little legs didn’t hurt from all the walking!! He was too busy having fun to notice!!

The mission is part of the larger La Purisima Mission State Historic Park. The state park offers over 25 miles of hiking and horse back riding trails.

Woman in a long dress dress, with a newborn baby sleeping on her chest, large tree trunk behind her

Guided tours are available for free from the visitor center. The tours last 1.5-hour tours and guide visitors through the historic buildings, entertaining them with stories of mission life. If you'd prefer to explore the mission at your own pace and leisure you can pick up a map from the visitor center for $1.

Woman in a long dress dress, sat on the edge of a fountain, she is looking down at a baby on her knee

La Purisma Mission is a great location for family photos. There are a lot of beautiful spots to take stunning family photos.

Young boy in a yellow tee looking into the water of a fountain, tree behind him
Woman in a long green dress sat on the floor, very large tree behind her, sleeping baby on her chest
Young boy in a dark room, looking out of a window
Woman sat on her knees in a long green dress, sleeping newborn girl on her chest, she is looking down at baby