Our new home....Vandenberg/Lompoc

buellton -142 miles 4+ hours (because of bad traffic)
lompoc - 19 miles 30 minutes

We left Burbank apprehensive of the journey ahead. Traffic was bad, as expected. But once we got to Ventura the route was almost entirely along the coast. It was a beautiful drive, with significantly fewer cars! We had booked a hotel in Buellton, not realizing that it was just 30 minutes from our new home! It was a welcome stop however, because we was exhausted from the hectic journeys from the past two days.

We explored a nearby city called Solvang, it is located in southern California's Santa Ynez Valley. It is known for its Danish architecture, beautiful wineries, bakeries and stores offering a taste of Denmark in the middle of California.

After a brief recharge we headed to our new home in Lompoc. Our house wasn't ready until mid July. So we had to continue living in a hotel. It sounds fun, but the novelty had wore off by that point. I was SO looking forward to having more space and cooking in my own kitchen. We were living off microwave food and eating out. It wasn't ideal to say the least!

I'm so excited to be living in Lompoc! There are many beaches nearby. It is home to Vandenberg Space Force Base. Santa Barbara is just 50 minutes away. Lompoc is famous for it's flower fields and murals in the Old Town. It is nicknamed The City of Arts and Flowers. I can't wait to blog more about this beautiful city.

After we arrived I decided to put my remote switch to use and we did a family photoshoot at a nearby beach.

Woman in long black dress holding young boy, she is looking at camera, he has his head in shoulder looking away on beach