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Capturing the Perfect Shot: The Best Times of Day for Photoshoots


Choosing the right time of day for a photoshoot is crucial, as it can greatly impact the overall quality of your photographs. In this blog post, we'll explore the optimal times for outdoor photoshoots, taking into consideration the unique lighting conditions in Denver.

Clients sometimes request to book a photoshoot during the day, believing that the morning or afternoon, would be optimal. However, these times can be less than ideal for outdoor photography.

Light during the day tends to be harsh and intense, resulting in unflattering shadows. The strong rays of the sun create challenging conditions for capturing captivating outdoor images, casting unflattering shadows that can obscure details and create an overly contrasted look.

For outdoor photoshoots, golden hour, which occurs approximately one hour before sunset or one hour before sunrise, is in my opinion the best time to capture breathtaking images. During golden hour, the sun is lower in the sky, reducing harsh shadows and creating a more even and pleasing light. The warm, golden tones add depth and dimension to your photographs, enhancing colors and creating a magical atmosphere.

In Denver, Colorado, where the natural scenery is breathtaking, the golden hour transforms the already stunning landscapes into something truly extraordinary. Whether you're photographing the majestic Rocky Mountains, serene lakes, or vibrant cityscapes, golden hour elevates your images to a whole new level.

Pregnant woman on beach at sunset, holding her bump & smiling at camera
adorable baby boy smiling at the camera, lay on his front - aurora family photoshoot

In conclusion, the timing of your photoshoot plays a pivotal role in the outcome of your images. While clients may lean towards daytime sessions, it's essential to consider the quality of light during these hours. For those seeking to capture truly captivating outdoor images, the golden hour stands out as the prime time. In my opinion, this enchanting period creates the perfect conditions for breathtaking images, enhancing colors and adding depth to every frame.

Leanne Skinkle

Denver Lifestyle Photographer