reasons why you should have a couple's photoshoot


Man and woman stood in front of a tree with many winding branches, both looking and smiling at camera, man behind woman


The most important thing to remember is that the aim of the shoot is to create beautiful images showing you and your loved one enjoying each other's company. So what better way to do this, than to actually have fun. Sessions with me are filled with laughter and love! You won't need to worry about where to stand or how to pose. I will guide you so that your images are natural. Don't worry about feeling awkward. You will barely notice I'm there. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to make your photoshoot feel natural and fun.

Man and woman outside stood on wooden stair case in front of a bright pink wall.  Woman ahead of man, laughing
Man and woman sat outside on a wooden bench.  Woman is looking up at the man and smiling, man looking down at woman.


Take the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the alone time with your other half. Life is filled with so many distractions, it's important to set time aside to enjoy each other's company. Sometimes it can become hard to pick a unique and fun date. Going to a movie and/or dinner over and over again can become boring. So, pick a spot that's fun and beautiful and enjoy your time together. It's a chance to slow down and re-connect with your partner.

Since you're all dressed up, you could go for dinner or drinks afterwards!

Man and woman outside, sunsetting behind them, side profile, the are facing each other kissing, holding hands


Photos are a beautiful reminder of precious moments. Photos evoke memories and feelings. I promise in years to come you'll look back on your images and smile. Sure, cell phones are getting more and more advanced cameras. But they do not compare to the education that a photographer has on how to take a beautifully composed picture in the most flattering lighting. The quality of cell phone images just doesn't stand the test of time. Treat yourself to beautiful images that will last a lifetime!

Man and woman stood outside next to large tree, he is bear hugging woman, his arms over her shoulders, both looking


How much do you spend on date night? Dinner, movies, drinks....$100, $200, $300?? Why not invest the cost of 1 or 2 dates into a a photoshoot and not only have fun, but have beautiful photos to last a lifetime!