Lifestyle photoshoots aim to capture a more natural, un-staged appearance to the images. At-home lifestyle newborn sessions are about the connection and love that family members have for their new addition. During your session, I'll capture special moments with each family member, as well as the family all together. If you have pets, we can also include them in some images.

Close up image of a newborn feet cradled in a womans hands


The session will take place at your home. Preferably in the nursery, master bedroom, and/or living room, if those rooms have good natural light. We can also take some photos outdoors if the weather permits. 

You should open the blinds/curtains to let in as much light as possible. Try to keep the areas near the beds, windows, sofa's etc. tidy and minimal.

Push some things to one side of the room, to keep one area (near the windows) as minimal as possible. Think Instagram vs reality!

You should make your bed and if possible, have a neutral quilt/comforter on top. Remove anything from the room that you don't want included in the images. For instance, diaper pails, baby swings etc. and hide any visible wires.

Woman sat in a nursing chair in a nursery, she is holding a baby in her arms,looking down one hand is holding babys hand
Man and woman stood in their dining room, next to bright windows, woman holding newborn girl,both looking at her smiling


Try and feed your baby and ensure they have a clean diaper right before the shoot, so that they are sleepy and content.

However, newborns are unpredictable. So please don't worry if you need to feed/change them or they cry during the shoot. These candid moments tell a story and contribute to the authenticity of your lifestyle session. So just relax and let me capture sweet moments for you!

Image of a woman holding a newborn baby.  She is looking down at the baby and smiling


First and foremost, I always recommend wearing whatever you are comfortable with. In the case of newborn sessions, I advise to keep it simple and comfortable.

Neutral, light (creams, whites, earth tones, grays or pastel tones) work best. Neon colors and bold patterns etc. are distracting, we want the focus to be on your sweet baby. Stay away from prominent logos or writing on clothing.

You should try to subtly match with family members. You can do this by picking 3 or 4 colors from the same color palette and avoiding patterns that will clash. I have two other blogs that advise on what to wear for photoshoots. You may find them helpful to give you a general idea.

Please remember that these are just suggestions. I know that those first few weeks of having a newborn are hectic. I barely had a moment to drink a cup of tea, yet alone pick out matching outfits.

I am there to document the real moments. So, if that means you will be wearing your pajamas that's OK too!


Bring in personal touches like baby blankets, stuffed animals, or heirloom items to add sentimental value to your photos. These items can enhance the emotional connection captured in each frame.

Black and white image of a baby in a woman's arms, focus is on baby's foot, can only see moms right arm and chest


I know that it can feel stressful. This is such a special time for your family, and I know that you will want everything to be just perfect.

But try to relax and have fun. I will take your baby’s lead and allow them to be the focus of the shoot. If they cry, need a diaper change or feed, it’s okay. Just do whatever you need to do, and I will create sweet images that you will look back on in years to come and love.

Woman and man sat on a bed, woman holding new born, both looking down at baby smiling
black and white close up of a newborn held on mothers chest, babys head on mothers shoulder, she is wearing a white bow


Depending on the timing of the shoot, try to keep older children on their regular sleep schedule. We want them to be well rested and happy for the session. Try to keep the tone of the day fun leading up to my arrival. Tell them that a friend is coming to take some fun photos of our family.

If possible, it's a good idea for a friend or family member come along to occupy little ones.

But please don't think that your children must behave perfectly. I do not expect that. I expect children to act like children. If little ones are cranky or not wanting to "pose" we can work around it and capture some sweet candid moments.


Once you receive your photos, don't let them remain stored on a device or social media. Choose a few favorites and consider printing them to display in your home. Creating a gallery wall or a photo book allows you to relive those cherished moments daily.

But don't print your beautiful images at a drug or grocery store. Reach out to me for advice on printing.


Effective communication with me is key to achieving your desired vision for the photoshoot. Share any ideas, preferences, or concerns you may have beforehand to ensure everyone is on the same page. I can offer valuable insights and suggestions that align with your vision.

I want to assure you that your safety and well-being are top priorities during the lifestyle newborn photoshoot. I understand that newborn babies are still developing an immune system. So, I will be wearing an N95 mask throughout the session to provide an additional layer of protection.


Before we begin, I will thoroughly wash my hands and use hand sanitizer, to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. These measures are in place to ensure a comfortable and secure experience for both you and your newborn.

If you have any specific concerns or additional safety preferences, feel free to discuss them with me beforehand, and I'll do my best to accommodate your needs. Your peace of mind is essential, and I am committed to making the photoshoot a positive and secure experience for everyone involved.