Fall is a wonderful time of the year for outdoor photographs. The golden colors and soft light make for beautiful photos. It's important to choose an outfit that will not clash with the rich yellows, orange and reds of fall.

However, THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is that you wear whatever you are comfortable in! If you want to wear leg warmers with a ball gown, then do it! There are no right or wrong outfits to wear for your photoshoot. The whole point of the shoot is to capture a memory of you or your family, the images should therefore reflect who you are. Having said that, if you would like some help to find an outfit, please read on.


I would avoid completely matching outfits. Instead you should consider buying clothes of similar styles and on the same color palettes. Pinterest is great for this. Instead of matching, you want everyone to blend together subtly. I have included a fall color palette below. You should pick 3 or 4 colors from the same palette and dress your family in those colors. Try to avoid prints if you can. Some people are very good at coordinating prints. I am not. So I generally try to avoid mixing them. If you do like prints, I would avoid mixing them, because it's easy for them to clash. For instance don't have one family member in plaid and another family member in floral. Think muted colors. I would suggest avoiding very bright or bold colors. They can distract. Whilst you do want to showcase your pretty outfits, you don't want them to overtake the limelight. You want the focus on your family and connection. Look for muted versions of the same color and pair with a neutral. For example, think of sage green, merlot red, dusty pink and mustard colors paired with stone, cream or white colors.

Image of 6 circles with different colors - earth tones


You don't want to be trying on clothes and coordinating outfits the night before. Trust me, I've been there! Order with enough time to try them on well in advance so that you can make arrangements if something doesn't fit or isn't working. Look at your outfit from different angles and move around to make sure it is comfortable. Practice moving around fast and cuddling your children in the outfit. Hear me out.....if you are running after your children, but hyper aware that your dress is too long so you might trip, or the front keeps falling down, this will show in your images. You want to be very comfortable so that your focus can be on having fun and allowing your photographer to capture your natural emotion.


Even though I'm a photographer I still get overwhelmed when thinking about outfits for my own family's photoshoots. So I usually start with my outfit first. My husband is quite happy to wear whatever I pick for him. My 4 year old couldn't care less what colors he wears. I know what types of clothes irritate him. So I choose my outfit, then my husband's and sons based around what I am wearing.

Cartoon image of 4 families and the color palette of their clothes in squares below them


Unless you are lucky enough to live in a place where the weather is pretty predictable, it is a good idea to layer. Cardigans, gilets, jackets and scarves, or a vest underneath an outfit can make all the difference if the temperature is a little cooler and it'll add to the fall vibe of your images.


Wearing chunky knits, lace, tweed, wool, etc. are a great way to add texture to your images. Texture can add dimension to your photos and help with layering.


Have you decided on a location with your photographer? Will you have a boho creek session, an upscale hotel or a trendy rooftop? Consider the location you have chosen then pick an outfit that works with the location, or vice versa! Think about the colors you choose for your outfits. Will they clash with your location?


I would advise you to involve all of your family members in the decisions on what to wear. If you force a dress or a tie on a family member and they feel uncomfortable in it, they won't enjoy the shoot and it will show in the images. Instead choose clothes that they feel comfortable in but are similar in style and color to the rest of the family.


  • Oversized clothing
  • Clothes with logos or characters (they are distracting)
  • Thin stripes and plaids can look distorted in photos
  • Neon colors. They can reflect on your skin which will show up in your photos
  • Athletic shoes and character shoes
  • Hats that put shadows on the face such as a baseball cap with the peak forward